Here to make your pro-blogging dreams come true!

(God, that sounded cheesy.)


To be a blogger in 2019 is to wear many hats: writer, designer, social media manager, email marketer… the list goes on.

Of course you could outsource the parts you aren’t very good at, but what if you’ve just started your blog and/or you don’t have the money to do so? 🤔

That’s where I come in.

Well, just for the designing part. More specifically, branding and visual marketing.

But that part’s important, especially if you intend to promote your blog on visual-based platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Because, y’know, a picture paints a thousand words. And people are mostly visual creatures. 👁

Awkward ramblings aside, you’ve come to the right place if:

  • You have BIG ambitions for your blog 🤩 but feel that the quality (or lack thereof) of your visuals is completely holding it back. 😫

  • You’re killing it at content writing, SEO, social media, etc. but not so much at design. 😕

  • You want your blog to stand out visually but can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a designer. 😭

  • You’re not trained in design and feel overwhelmed trying to DIY all your blog visuals. 😰

So if that sounds anything like you, make yourself at home! 💁🏻‍

Here, you can find blog posts on how to design blog and social media graphics that get shit-tons of clicks, 11 ways to brand your blog that doesn’t involve design, and 12 ways to promote your blog with visual content.

I also have free resources such as 15 Quick Fixes for Your Blog Visuals ebook, Blog Branding Strategy workbook, and The Ultimate Brand Design Checklist for Your New Blog.

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“That’s nice, but who the hell are you?”

Rachel Tan M.Q.

Whoops! How rude of me. All this talking and I forgot to introduce myself! 😅

My name is Rachel and I’m from Singapore.

I happen to be autistic, which means I can sometimes be very awkward 🙃 (as you can probably tell from my writing).

I started this blog because I wanted to make a living on my own terms and help others do the same. (Also, the autistic thing makes conventional jobs a liiiiiitle challenging for me. And by a little I mean A LOT.)

My passion for making cool shit online started when I created my very first website around the age of 10 and taught myself Photoshop. I also studied interactive media design in polytechnic. I 💜 learning and teaching myself about anything related to design and the internet. 👩🏻‍💻

Fun facts!

  • My MBTI personality type is INTP.

  • I’m into all things geeky and retro. 🤖

  • I’m a George Michael fangirl. (Beautiful voice, gorgeous as hell, generous and kind soul… what’s not to like??)