Show me your blog and I’ll show you how to make it look HOT!


You KNOW your blog has to look stunning AF to capture people’s attention.

But you’re so confused/creatively-challenged as to how to do it. 🤷‍♀️

You've tried:

  • Creating graphics using Canva’s pre-made templates.
  • Using pretty stock photos.
  • Adding random design elements to your visuals.

But all you end up with is an inconsistent mishmash that looks the same as everyone else. 😣

You’ve considered hiring a designer, but you simply don’t have the budget for that.

You feel that the quality (or lack thereof) of your visuals is completely holding your blog back. And when you see other bloggers’ gorgeous Pinterest graphics/Instagram feeds, it only makes you want to throw in the towel! 😫


What if you could…

  • Be recognisable just from your visuals?
  • Stand out from your competitors and attract your dream audience?
  • Get your visuals pinned over and over?

… All without spending thousands of dollars on design services?


Introducing: Blog Visuals Review

A mini service where I provide personalised guidance for your blog visuals.

Think of me as your consulting designer (or magical design fairy!): I’ll give you my suggestions and tell you exactly what to do, in step-by-step form.


How it works


1. Questionnaire

After purchase, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire to help me understand your vision and goals for your blog.


    2. Review

    I’ll then review your current blog visuals. This will take me up to 7 working days.

    You’ll then receive a PDF report which will include:

    • What’s working (about your visuals)
    • What can be improved
    • Suggested visual style
    • Step-by-step game plan
    • Recommended resources

    3. Email consultation

    After you receive your report, you’ll have 2 weeks of email consultation with me. You may ask me anything design-related or regarding the implementation of your game plan!


    Your investment: 197 USD

    (Psst, that’s $100 off the normal price for a limited time!)


    Meet your consulting designer!

    Rachel Tan M.Q.

    Hey there! My name is Rachel and I’m here to help you get eyeballs on your blog through branding and visual marketing.

    I totally understand the struggles of doing this blogging thing all by yourself.

    There’s SO MUCH to do, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s especially tough when you’re starting out, and you don’t have the confidence or means yet to invest tons of money into your blog.

    My goal is to help you to make the best out of what you currently have and start gaining traction for your blog.


    Blog Visuals Review is perfect for you if…

    • You have BIG ambitions for your blog 🤩 but don’t have the money (yet!) to properly bring your vision to life. 😔
    • You want your blog to stand out visually but can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a designer. 😭
    • You’re not trained in design and feel overwhelmed trying to DIY all your blog visuals. 😰
    • You don’t mind having someone advise you on what colours, fonts, etc. to use in your visuals.

    What you’ll get after working with me:

    • A solid and easy-to-maintain visual brand foundation for your blog.
    • Freed up headspace to focus on stuff other than design (e.g. SEO, social media… not to mention actually writing blog posts!).
    • Renewed sense of purpose for your blog.

    Get your review for 197 USD

    (Psst, that’s $100 off the normal price for a limited time!)


    Frequently asked questions

    I just started my blog / My blog is about [insert topic here]. Will this help me?

    All you need is a niche blog with at least 5 posts and your own created graphics.

    Do I need to know any specific software or buy anything to complete the suggestions?

    Nope! All my suggestions will be based on what you currently know and have. I may recommend some products if I feel that they might help you, but you’re not obligated to purchase them.

    Do you offer refunds?

    All sales are final. However, if I’m unable to send you your PDF report on time (i.e. 7 working days after you’ve completed the questionnaire), you’ll get a full refund.

    I have some other question that’s not listed here.

    Drop me an email at (with subject line “Blog Visuals Review question”) and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


    Get your blog reviewed for 197 USD

    (Psst, that’s $100 off the normal price for a limited time!)